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We would like to introduce you to Le Marche - a region in central Italy where history, nature, lifestyle, opera and food combine in true harmony. Le Marche has a reputation throughout Italy as being a most livable region, it is not crowded and benefits by abundant fresh air, good water and longevity. Here you will rarely have to jostle with the hoards of foreign tourists. From the north of the region fascinating  Renaissance  hill-towns will tempt you with  tasty prosciutto (ham) and rare truffles of international renown, to the Adriatic coast where you will feast on  brodetto (seafood stew) while sitting in outdoor restaurants or beach clubs, or inland where more than anywhere else in central Italy you will find the famous and characteristic green rolling hills dotted with little towns where time has really stood still. After sightseeing through the abundant supply of charming historical towns, have a break and taste some vincisgrassi”, the sumptuous lasagne for which Le Marche is renowned, or ciauscolo (a sort of pork sausage, eaten raw and spread on bread) accompanied by a glass of Verdicchio or Rosso Piceno wine. Be sure not to miss the olive ascolane (deep-fried meat-filled olives).....How about some ruby-red dessert wines such as Vernaccia or Vino Cotto that absolutely must be tried?...... There is lots more to say about Le Marche –  all of Italy in one region, so shall we get started ?